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welcome! you can find links to download the PDF book layout versions of all 9 of my poetry collections here! 7 have an audiobook companion. these might be considered poetry projects as well. the most recent 5 collections feature collaborative poetry i created with hundreds of people from 2018-2023. all are FREE!

if you like or dislike strange noise and found sounds then you will really like or dislike my audiobooks. i like (but do not dislike) concocting my own soundscapes alongside my wordscapes.

i really, really hope that something catches your ear or eye in the best possible way here.

thank you for taking a look or listen,
k weber


REUNION FRUIT SYNERGY is a celebration of 5 years of donated words poetry by way of 5 new, collaborative poems! 82 contributors supplied the 82 words I implemented into these new poems. Other fun additions such as a donated title, theme, original line, artwork chosen by a poll (and more!) mirror some of the items submitted to these projects over the last several years! This collection also shares some of the thrilling data from donated words poetry projects from 2018-2023 such as… 302 people have donated 701 words to these experiences! And there has been so much more and it has been a real treasure to host these poems and projects! Here’s to 5 great years of collaboration and it will be interesting to see what’s next! This project was released on May 5, 2023.

PDF book layout
– Audiobook will be available by end of 2023


A SUM OF OUR POETIC PARTS: VOLUME 2 is here! this is my latest poetry project with a considerable joint effort! This collection features 13 poems that incorporate donated words and more by so many collaborators! Among the poems in ASOOPP2 are 4 Exquisite Corpse poems, 2 poems with words sent to me by people who have not previously participated and an ekphrastic poem! These donated words poems were written between June 2022 and March 2023. This project was self-published in March 2023.

PDF book layout
– Audiobook will be available by end of 2023


TEAMWORDK is another collaborative poetry project I created! This collection features 62 contributors. I wrote 8 new poems using 59 donated words (and more)! TEAMWORDK also features one poem that contains 60 donated words. This project was self-published in August 2021.

PDF book layout
Download MP3 directly

I am so grateful to have been doing various donated words projects and collaborative poetry since 2018. This document includes quotes and blurbs from participants about their experiences with these poems!

Donated Words Poems & Projects – Quotes from Participants



THIS ASSEMBLY is a collaborative poetry project. I wrote 21 poems using 160 words donated by 160 people. Additionally, there are bonus poems featuring other poets’ writing, unique additions to poems, poets reading their work in the audio, and more! Project was reviewed by a team of readers. Cover and interior art by Greg Lawhun incorporated color palette that won a poll open to the public. In total, 165 people participated in my latest effort!

PDF book layout
Download MP3 directly

cling as ink (2018)


August 30, 2018, found me unveiling this 20th anniversary project!

cling as ink includes 45 poems by me that each use a title corresponding to poetry, short fiction, and visual art from the 1997-1998 issue of my college literary magazine, Inklings. This particular volume was published when I was the editor. My poems are next to my writings about the original works that had the title I used as well as the authors and artists behind them. There is a fair amount of reflection on my time on the staff of Inklings and at Miami University.

This is a large body of work. You can download the audiobook for free. A carefully-created downloadable PDF contains the visual book layout (also free!).

PDF book layout
Download MP3 directly

bluest grey (2012)


It took 9 years for me to put together a follow-up to midwestern skirt. I decided at the time, with all the technology pulsing around me, to approach my collection as a digital project. I was able to incorporate more poems, dabble in music, have my poems heard by my own voice, and countless other multimedia opportunities.

I had a lot of fun writing these poems and finding a new way for readers to access and enjoy them.

View and/or listen to bluest grey online…
PDF book layout
Download MP3 directly

midwestern skirt (2003)


For the first time, midwestern skirt is available digitally. Enjoy these poems in both the downloadable PDF book format and the MP3 audiobook!

This was my first collection of poems and was originally presented in a small run of print copies I collated on my floor. Small but mighty, these 18 poems mostly encompass a year off the rails with a foot still in nature, a heart trapped in hard lessons, and a brain trying to find balance.

This is the only poetry compilation of mine that does not feature any sort of music or sounds in the audiobook. As this book was very bare bones at the time, I wanted to keep the audiobook a bit scant.

As with all my online book project pieces: enjoy midwestern skirt entirely free:
– PDF book layout
Download MP3 directly

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